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The vision of this branch of Aaron Concrete began in 2008 as concrete sales by volumetric mixers and grew to include the concrete and asphalt recycling as an answer to a growing need to find alternatives for the
used product. We are approved by the TCEQ for recycling concrete, asphalt, limestone and soil and recognized by TXDOT and the City of Austin for use of our pug mills for stabilized sand and base.

A Success Story with "LEED"
We were approached last year by a customer who needed verification of
how the leveling loads of concrete and asphalt might be used after
being reprocessed and repurposed.  After careful checking, we were able
to assure them what would have been buried in a landfill before was
cleaned, crushed and recycled into a usable fill or base for sites all
over Austin.

With this information, this customer was able to bid on a project which
insisted on materials derived from ‘green’ sources.  
This program in Austin known as the “LEED” program
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) offers incentives
to developers and builders who are able to plan and think progressively
and yet keep their costs within reason.  We have just finished another LEED project request,
and although we no longer offer volumetric concrete, we continue to offer
recycled materials such as concrete, asphalt, limestone, soil, stabilized sand and base.

 Some of the products and services we offer are:
1X2 Crushed Concrete
1" Crushed Concrete
2"  Asphalt Base
Cement Stabilized Sand  (CSS)
Cement Treated Base (CTB)
Recycled Asphalt
Recycled Concrete
Recycled Limestone
Recycled Soil

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